What is Outrealm?

Outrealm is a top-down roguelike hack and slash developed by me and releasing soon on Steam. Inspired by games such as Risk of Rain and A Link to the Past, it combines traditional top-down hack and slash gameplay with modern-day roguelike mechanics. With seven different playable characters, six vibrant worlds, 80 items to loot and over twenty achievements, Outrealm is a challenging game with a ton of replayability. I am the sole developer, and the engine used was Game Maker Studio.

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Stay one step ahead of the monsters.

To complete a playthrough, you will have to progress through all six realms and activate the portals there. Each realm has a required kill count to activate the portal there, increasing in each successive level. A powerful monster guards each portal, and must be defeated to advance. However as time passes, monsters grow in strength and resilience. To make it to the end, you'll have to constantly rack up kill count and loot smartly to become stronger.

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Fight across a series of forgotten realms. 

Traverse varied worlds, from rain-drenched highlands to mushroom-filled catacombs. Each realm comes with it's own unique enemies and mechanics; such as the breakable Ice Blocks within the Frozen realm, or the dangerous Dust Devils in the desert. All but the final realm has one of two potential variants, adding a random element to each playthrough. Killing monsters also fills in the Monster Log Book on the main menu.

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Choose from seven different characters, each with their own skill-set.

Each character has a unique playstyle and specialist moves which set them apart from the rest. The first character unlocked is the Blade Master, an all-rounder designed for old-school Zelda players to pick up and play. However, advanced characters such as the Boreal Hunter and Smasher will require more advanced positioning and resource management to succeed.

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Loot your way to victory.

There are eighty different items to loot within the game. Items come in chests spread throughout the realms, each with an item inside. Items have many different effects, from increasing your raw damage, to providing defense boons, giving crowd control effects or triggering an attack. Powerful Legendary items are unlocked after completing achievements, and will be available on subsequent playthroughs. There is also an Item Log, to check your collection rate and read lore.

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A world's worth of progression.

As you play, you'll collect achievements which in turn unlock new items and characters to play. There are also Item and Monster logs which fill in as you loot more and score more KO's. There is also a clear rate tracker which fills in based on which characters and difficulties you've completed the game on. To 100% the game, you'll need to own all the achievements, complete the Monster and Item logs and beat the game on every difficulty with every character.

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