Broken Quest

Broken Quest is a 2D top-down adventure game slated for release in 2017.


Extermina is a roguelike top-down shooter, which I developed solo to gain experience with combat systems, game economies, mobile control schemes and the overall process of game development. It is playable on the Chrome Web Store.


AlphaQuest is a mobile title released late 2015 by rikkir. During development, I consulted the team on their level design, monetization, gameplay, progression and multiplayer features. The game was nominated for Canadian Indie Game of the year 2015.

The Lost Treasure Island

The Lost Treasure Island is a 3D Adventure/Puzzle game for mobile released in 2015. I did QA and also consulted on the UI and elements of Game Design.


A solo platformer project with the aim of creating a more consistent design than present in Wisplight. It is a simple, fun and frantic proof of concept. Rather than introduce many mechanics, I kept it simple, and focused on level design.


Wisplight was my first real solo games project. I had some interesting and unusual ideas and wanted to experiment with mechanics within the platformer genre. Half platformer and half combat, it struggled to find an identity. This and other design flaws caused me to stop development, and instead reflect on what a huge learning experience it was for me. It was the first time I had designed + implemented a combat system, enemies, boss battles, equipment, levels and themes all in the one package, and by myself.


AbraWordAbra was released in 2012 on mobile devices as a hybrid between the tower defense and word game genres. I undertook QA and occasional design consulting on AbraWordAbra as part of an internship while at University. I later stayed and worked on it further, up until release.

I Am

Developed in a team of 5 for my Final Project at Uni, I Am is a non-linear dialogue-based story game about self-discovery and the consequences of decisions. My contributions included general game design, script and dialogue writing, as well as the music, which was themed around a transition from black and white to colour.